Van der Valk | using IIVO for a closely and specifically water and climate

Success storyAugust 13, 2021

Kwekerij van der Valk has a long history within the horticultural sector. From generation to generation they switched from vegetables to ornamental plant cultivation. They sell various types of pot plants all year round, mostly seasonal with the main specialization of pot and patio plants. Thanks to their long-term relationships with customers and the innovative way of offering the widest possible range, Van der Valk BV has grown.

The cooperation with Van der Valk is one that we are very proud of. One of the first climate computers that Hoogendoorn Growth Management produced was already in Van der Valk’s garden. They are also continuously one of the forerunners in the horticultural world regarding the use of each new version of climate computers supplied by Hoogendoorn. This gave us very useful feedback to perfect our climate computers even more.

Water and climate are extremely important for our products and we can set this very closely and specifically through the IIVO

For some time now, IIVO has been doing its job at van der Valk.  “The use of IIVO has given us many more possibilities. Controlling the climate and the watering systems has become easier for us, partly due to its user-friendliness. Water and climate are extremely important for our products and we can set this very closely and specifically through the IIVO,” says Edwin.

Each department has its own regulations, because the wide range of garden and terrace plants each have their own needs in terms of climate and water. At Kwekerij der Valk watering is especially challenging, IIVO offers more possibilities in terms of flexibility and functionality.

They also make grateful use of the e-learnings and Webinars that Hoogendoorn offers. Due to lack of time the Webinars are sometimes watched at a later time or a colleague of Hoogendoorn watched with them live a number of times. This allowed certain settings to be fine-tuned, which improved the efficiency.

Through a wide network of garden centers, florists and webshops, they ensure that the cheerful colors reach the people and they like to see that an atmospheric outdoor life remains accessible to everyone. With the sales concepts Patio Plant and Days of Joy, among others, they enable everyone to create his/her own colorful paradise.

Edwin continues: “The easy instructions make it user-friendly for everyone. This applies to fruits as well as flowering balcony or terrace plants”.

We would like to thank all the people at Kwekerij van der Valk for their openness. A beautiful company in the bloom of life.


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