IIVO's Intelligent Algorithms is powerful software. With only a few settings, you set the most optimal climate strategy to meet the requirements of your greenhouse, your crop, and your climate. The algorithms take these settings as a starting point to proactively control your climate on a micro-level while taking into consideration the forecasted weather conditions.


Unlock your
full potential

This software is created for innovators, who look beyond their field in order to grow. To use their learnings for the greater good. Who choose to use their own customized strategy in an intelligent manner or to let the system operate according to the principles of Plant Empowerment. With this unique cultivation method plant physiology and physics are combined. Realizing an optimal balance of energy, water and assimilates inside your growing environment. Leading to stronger, healthier crops that are less susceptible to pests and diseases.

Autonomous control

Use your strategy as an autonomous control.

Consistency in growing strategy

Ensure consistency in your growing strategy: more production, with better quality.

One dashboard, maximum efficiency

All Intelligent Algorithms integrated into one dashboard and time savings.


As the winner of the Autonomous Greenhouse Challenge, Hoogendoorn Growth Management is a frontrunner in the area of autonomous growing software. By combining powerful algorithms, weather forecasts and plant physiology, you can make the best decisions for your plants. The continuous stream of data collected during cultivation, generates real-time insights into the conditions in your greenhouse and the health of your plants. Insights that are being used to drive artificial intelligence software and machine learning mechanisms. So that you can grow even smarter.

  • Intelligent Ventilation
  • Intelligent Temperature
  • Intelligent Screening
  • Intelligent Lighting
  • Intelligent CO2

Intelligent Algorithms in practice