Connecting nature
and technology

IIVO is the smartest greenhouse control system in the world. A modern and next-level process computer, allowing you to grow more, at higher quality while using minimal resources. The IIVO system is a combination of smart software and state-of-the-art hardware. Whether you have experience in growing crops or not, IIVO is very easy in use for all growers.


One for all,
all in one

IIVO connects seamlessly to all industry standard sensors and is compatible with smart-camera systems, irrigation units and robotics. This combination simplifies and streamlines the management of any crop in a controlled growing environment.

As soon as your IIVO system is operational millions of lines of code are put to work generating crop-specific insights. Shining a new light on the true potential of your crops.

Effortless growth

IIVO constantly and consistently monitors every aspect of your greenhouse environment including climate conditions, CO2 levels and water usage; but the system is capable of so much more. The system collects and archives data to create a complete and holistic overview of the conditions inside your greenhouse. IIVO can then be used as an advanced control computer to determine the specific needs of your crop at any given moment.

Smart growing

Use the knowledge inside IIVO to automatically run your growing environment.

Crop specific

The system fully adapts to the needs of your crop.

Data driven growing

Allow data to give insights and optimize your growing strategy.


  • Data collection
  • Online updates
  • IIVO remote access
  • Online back-ups


  • Climate management
  • Water management
  • Energy management
  • Data management


IIVO's Intelligent Algorithms is powerful software. With only a few settings, you set the most optimal climate strategy to meet the requirements of your greenhouse, your crop, and your climate. The algorithms take these settings as a starting point to proactively control your climate on a micro-level while taking into consideration the forecasted weather conditions.

Growing more,
with less

IIVO uses its predictive powers to create the ideal climate conditions for your crop by combining sensor generated data, weather predictions and past learnings. The system responds pro-actively to maintain a stable and uniform growth climate, which maximises the yield and quality of a crop, and ensures the most efficient usage of natural resources.

In order to thrive, plants need regular irrigation and a steady supply of nutrients. IIVO’s drag- and-drop function makes it possible to easily set and manage irrigation strategies using preferred start conditions. You can initiate irrigation cycles per valve based on time, radiation, slab weight, water content and drainage.

made easy

The user interface is designed around the needs of the grower, with crop sections, installations and technical rooms clearly mapped. IIVO generates information in the form of easy to understand visuals, graphs and statistics, which help to streamline the day-to-day operations of a greenhouse.

So whether you are born in a greenhouse, or never been in one, smart growing is now accessible for everyone.

A tool

The most user-friendly way to control every system in your growing environment.

A coach

Crop specific insights that allow you to grow more with less.

A guide

The system gives advice on how to further improve your operation.

Knowledge is plant power

At the core of IIVO are the principles of Plant Empowerment: a unique cultivation method combining plant physiology and physics. An optimal balance of energy, water and assimilates creates stronger, healthier crops that are less susceptible to pests and diseases. Data Driven Growing combines powerful algorithms, data from the growing environment and plant physiology, allowing you to make the best decisions for your crops. The continuous flow of data collected during cultivation generates real-time insights into the conditions within your greenhouse.

Your smart greenhouse, just became intelligent.


Crop specific

The system adapts to the needs of your crops. With crop recipes you can save a group of settings into the IIVO library, for different seasons or crop stages. Creating an optimum growth climate in each stage of the growth cycle.

Self learning

The system continuously adapts and improves its understanding of the growing conditions during cultivation. Learns from past experiences, adapts its reactions based on current measurements and makes appropriate corrections automatically. This results in a more stable regulation of the greenhouse climate.


IIVO is built to run the latest features, and even some that haven’t been invented yet. Our in-house development team makes frequent software updates, installed to your system remotely. Due to the cloud-based nature the platform is scalable. So as your company grows, the system will grow with you.

Integrated Weather Forecast

By using weather data you can further optimize the use of resources. Allowing you to control the indoor climate based on external, future weather conditions.

ISO certified

We are committed to maintaining the highest data-protection and safety standards. We are ISO 27001, ISO 9001 and HortiQ certified. The system is equipped with a state of the art, 24/7 backup functionality to ensure that your data is always safe with us.

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Backed by history,
driven by innovation

IIVO was developed by Hoogendoorn Growth Management - one of the world’s foremost innovators in the horticulture sector with more than 55 years’ experience. Our roots lie in the Netherlands, but we are present around the world. Hoogendoorn has been developing many of the systems and innovations now regarded as the industry standard. Aiming to not only excel in technological products, but also in customer support and training. We work with growers in every climate.