The Plant Company | Precise relative humidity control to grow a high-quality plant

Success storyJanuary 20, 2022

Wonderment takes place when you visit the beautiful scenery with the grandeur of the Blue Ridge Mountains. In 2021, a state-of-the-art greenhouse was built in this area. After six months of hard and consistent work, the greenhouse started to operate in May 2021. This moment marked the beginning of The Plant Company, which was founded by Frank Paul, Jason, and Wesley van Wingerden. The company focuses on growing tropical plants and strives to provide the freshest products for its customers. In their greenhouse, our IIVO system has been installed.

“Our motto is, "Together We Grow Stronger", this embodies our desire to help the modern consumer cultivate a more "living" space where it matters most...where they live and work. Together, our employees, customers and suppliers strive to bring that ambition to life!" describes Frank Paul, Director of Operations of The Plant Company. Through this ambition, the organization provides a superior plant experience to its customers.

Meet the plants need with IIVO and Plant Empowerment

In the five acres greenhouse, they grow all kinds of plants in regular growing media. Each with its own character, its own needs for resources and its own story. It is a true collection of exclusive and innovative plant species, which all need to grow in the most optimal climate. The greenhouse, therefore, consists of six different climate zones, in which cultivation takes place all year round. "After conducting an extensive due-diligence process, we found out that the IIVO process computer of Hoogendoorn Growth Management offers the best functionalities for our cultivation processes. Therefore, we use the IIVO for all environmental controls in the greenhouse since May 2021. On top of that, we apply the Plant Empowerment Principles in practice, so that all plant varieties have their needs met at the right time" describes Frank Paul.

Thanks to the smart features of IIVO, we achieve the optimal climate for our plants"

Frank Paul

Realizing a more humid growing environment

Turning to their roots, some tropical plants can tolerate dry air well, but most prefer a more humid environment. Each indoor plant has an optimal humidity level at which the plant thrives best.  Therefore, the Plant Company analyzes the humidity levels in the various climate zones, through the use of different sensors, such as the aspirator boxes above and below screen. Also the incoming grow light is being measured by using PAR-sensors.

In order to achieve the most optimal Relative Humidity for their plants, the temperature inside the greenhouse plays an important role. Because the higher the temperature and the lower the evaporation in the greenhouse, the humidity decreases. And conversely, the lower the temperature and the higher the evaporation, the higher the humidity. “We use the Humidity control of the IIVO to ensure that we always have the right level of Relative Humidity (RH)  in our greenhouse. Herewith, IIVO takes our cultivation strategy into account. For example, when the RH in the greenhouse gets too high, the system automatically turns on our recirculation fans. When the RH is too low, the system will close the open vents.

Quality, proven in practice

Their drive for optimal growing climates and high product quality has not gone unnoticed. Since early November 2021, The Plant Company has joined forces with Proven Winners, a North-American consumer plant brand, to market houseplant varieties under the Proven Winners brand. In doing so, the Plant Company received high praise for their innovative plant varieties, unparalleled quality, dedication to finding exceptional new plants, and superior production practices.

We at Hoogendoorn Growth Management are proud that we can contribute to the success of The Plant Company. Luis Trujillo, Sales Manager Hoogendoorn America Inc. indicates “We like to work with companies like The Plant Company that are eager to learn and keep innovating. In this way, consumers worldwide can be provided with exclusive, high-quality plants. Modern living becomes accessible to everyone".



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