Elstgeest Young Plants is optimizing their cultivation process by using Plant Empowerment

Success storyAugust 13, 2021

Alocasia, Calathea, Dieffenbachia and Philodendron. Just a selection from the range of green houseplants where the heart of Elstgeest Young Plants lies. The organization, located in Rijsenhout, focuses mainly on the cultivation of starting material for these pot plants. After being successfully grown at Elstgeest Young Plants, the plants are ready to grow into beautiful and strong plants for growers all over the world.

Elstgeest Young Plants has been one of Hoogendoorn Growth Management’s customers for a number of years. What is special is that the company strives for similar values. For example, the company believes in long-term cooperation with customers, suppliers and employees. Quality, reliability and commitment are paramount. Values that Hoogendoorn can certainly endorse.

When Elstgeest Young Plants wanted to make the step from the first generation iSii to the newest generation, that was the perfect moment to introduce them to our latest development, the IIVO. At that time only available to a number of suitable test customers.

Elstgeest Young Plants was a very suitable test customer. This mainly because of their vision for the future; optimizing their cultivation process by using Plant Empowerment. This philosophy of growing more sustainably and profitably by keeping plant balances in balance is interwoven in IIVO. Because it is a propagation greenhouse, it mainly uses basic settings. Because of the many different species in the same department, no plant specific settings can be used. As a result, the aim is to achieve averages that are suitable for several species.

“You don’t need LogMeIn or Teamviewer to control the computer. In case of quick changes or alarms, I can log in just as easily via my phone or computer”.

The first reaction of Daan Elstgeest, co-owner of Elsgeest Young Plants, speaks for itself: “IIVO is up to date! You notice by everything that it is a step forward. It is flexible and tailored to the new cultivation with Plant Empowerment. An example of this is the aiming temperature function”.

Elstgeest also says that he is pleased with various new features in the new system. He says: “The search function works excellently and there are much more flexible and extensive possibilities in the area of irrigation control. This has enabled us to optimize watering in the greenhouse. This also applies to the control of the valves for dosing agents such as acid and lye. This individual optimization naturally contributes to the optimization of the entire cultivation process. In addition, it is very nice that, once you have set up a control system properly, you don’t have to do much more. The system functions and does so automatically”.

The IIVO is equipped with the ability to consult the dashboard anywhere in the world, regardless of time or device. This functionality, IIVO Remote, is a nice development for Elstgeest. He says: “You don’t need LogMeIn or Teamviewer to control the computer. In case of quick changes or alarms, I can log in just as easily via my phone or computer”. This functionality is new compared to the predecessors of IIVO. Of course Hoogendoorn Growth Management ensures that all data is properly secured.

Daan Elstgeest sees himself as a true ambassador for IIVO: “Expectations have certainly been exceeded. The system just works very easily. The conversion of iSii to IIVO went without a hitch with the help of Hoogendoorn and its partner Kandelaar Elektrotechniek“.


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