A stronger crop for DT Enterprise Ltd. with IIVO

Success storyAugust 24, 2021

DT Enterprise Ltd, located in Kingsville, Ontario, is owned and operated by two brothers: Don and Tony Mastronardi. They grow a variety of cucumbers and tomatoes on their farm and have over twenty years of experience in greenhouse operations and growing produce at their location.

Last year, they expanded their farm from six acres to twenty two acres and in that process they concluded that the existing climate control system was outdated. They needed more flexibility in operating the climate control system to support their growing operations ambitions.

Their relationship with Hoogendoorn Growth Management

Other DT Enterprise Ltd greenhouses already operate using Hoogendoorn’s climate control system.  They considered upgrading the existing system in this greenhouse, but limitations on both controls and operations were identified. Gryphon Automation, one of our Canadian Hoogendoorn partners, advised DT Enterprise Ltd to invest in an iSii Climate Control system for their expanded greenhouse.

DT Enterprise Ltd had then been given the opportunity to invest in Hoogendoorn’s latest climate system the “IIVO” instead, well ahead of its official launch in October 2020. As a result, the IIVO was implemented in their greenhouse as early as July 2020.

Gryphon Automation, confirms: “DT Enterprises Ltd is already familiar with the iSii software and has been quick to pick up with the IIVO. Obstacles during the installing and commissioning process were solved very easily together with our colleagues in The Netherlands. But overall, it was a matter of plug and play.”

Don, the Head Grower, confirms: “The IIVO comes with an online training that guides you how to operate the system. With over twenty years of experience as a grower I sat down with the system and started to use it right away without any problems. However, a younger grower I am training did take the online training course and it was perfect for him.”

“The system is good, and I have no regrets with our change to the new Hoogendoorn IIVO.”

Don Mastronardi

Their favorite features and further expectations of the IIVO

DT Enterprises Ltd explains that they are enthusiastic about the new insights they will most likely gain from their data and the ease with which settings can be shared. Don explains: “Tray history is a great tab with historical data shown for any given period of time, with the percentage deviations and of course the influences. The influences create many different opportunities, and execution of an idea is quick and simple. Besides that, I can copy a tab of my choice and share it with anyone by an e-mail.”

When asked about his expectations of the IIVO versus his previous climate control system, Don’s answer is clear: “I expect to see a stronger plant and a reduced presence of pests and diseases. I have much more control and influence in my options compared to my previous system. Overall, I expect to grow a stronger crop and receive more yield. Besides that, I am of course curious to see what is possible with savings in fertilizer, water, energy and so on.”


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