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The people at Beekers Berries are true fans of nature. The passion and respect for the environment is found in their products. Every day they carefully pick the strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. In their view, each Beekers Berry is unique and that is exactly what we think!

Their berries are grown based on a proven cultivation concept, developed over the years, which is continuously evaluated and innovated.

Crop Recipes
This cultivation concept is enhanced by one of IIVO's most distinguishing features, Crop Recipes. This allows a grower to collect a group of settings which can easily be implemented in the cultivation recipe library. Crop Recipes can be created for all seasons and growth stages. This way, an optimal growing climate can be created, in every phase of the growing cycle.

In the cultivation concept of Beekers Berries, respect for nature, is central.

By combining the different Crop Recipes and adjusting transition periods, the grower creates a crop strategy for his plants, which results in an optimal growth process. Beekers Berries is a good example of an organization that uses this extensively. 

In the cultivation concept of the company, respect for nature, is central. The bees of the local beekeeper are a welcome guest, just like the bumblebees. They take care of the pollination and the fertilization of the flowers, so that the flowers can develop into delicious soft fruit.

World-class company
With greenhouses all over the world, Beekers Berries has made huge steps. These expansions allow them to deliver the most delicious soft fruits all year round. Beekers Berries is the best of its kind when it comes to high quality berries.

The biggest challenge is certainty of the yield of their crops. The weather ultimately determines how the plants will perform. Most of the products are very sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Thanks to Weather Forecast, another feature in IIVO, they can respond to these fluctuations and guarantee the volume and quality of their soft fruit.

We asked Will Beekers, Chief Executive Officer of Beekers Berries, about his experiences with the IIVO and their use of the features Crop Recipes and Weather Forecast. Watch the video below!

Beekers Berries - IIVO Case Video


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