Farming for the future with Local Urban Vegetables (LUV) and IIVO in an indoor growing environment

Historia de éxitoagosto 13, 2021

Local Urban Vegetables, hereinafter referred to as LUV, is based in California, the United States. The company grows different types of babyleaf, head lettuce, mixed vegetables, soft fruits, Bok Choi, micro vegetables and herbs. They do not grow their vegetables in a traditional greenhouse as we know them in large numbers, but through Indoor Farming.

Indoor Farming makes it possible to grow different crops, in any place and at any time. For example using specially equipped grow chambers. An advantage of these grow chambers is that one can control temperature, light and humidity in an excellent manner. By actively controlling these factors, it is possible to create the most optimal climate for each crop. This ultimately results in a stronger crop.

Indoor Farming is a reaction to the growth of the world population and the increasing demand for food and production capacity. It responds to global land and water shortages and climate problems. Indoor Farming makes it possible to grow a high local food capacity in a sustainable and pest-free environment. The slogan of LUV is therefore ‘Farming for the future’.

The reliability of the measurements of the IIVO, in combination with the IIVO Remote, makes it possible to make changes in the control of the system at anytime, anywhere in the world. In this way, the optimal climate conditions for the crop can be achieved in each growth stage.

Jonathan confirms: “The IIVO offers the possibility to no longer only react to the needs of the crop, but to be proactive in managing its growth. By making decisions based on data, LUV can now grow a stronger crop’. The integration of the IIVO has made LUV enthusiastic to get more out of their data. Jonathan says: ‘We are currently looking into whether we can bring all our data, from the IIVO and our other systems, into the platform to make a real step towards Data Driven Growing”.

A final quote from Jonathan: “Hoogendoorn is a great partner to work with. We have solved specific issues together and as a result I have learned more about the functionalities that the IIVO has to offer”.

“The IIVO provides me with the tools I need, to create the optimal crop recipes, attuned to the environment and the crop. I can enter the growth of the crop into the system and then focus on the output of the recipe. This results in an improved quality of the crop at each cycle”.